Top 10 Putting Tips


Don't Worry About Looking Exactly Like Tiger Woods -- or Anybody Else

You might be thinking that you're actually glad that you don't look exactly like Tiger Woods, given his marital failings. But we're not talking about that, wise guy. What we mean is: Don't worry about copying Woods' exact stance, any more than you would strive to replicate the hunched over silhouette of Jack Nicklaus, whom ranked as only second to Woods among the game's all-time great putters.

Instead, search for the stance and the posture that feels right for your own physique, and stick with it. It's true that there are some fundamentals that seem to work for most golfers. Golf writer Peter Morrice recommends that you use your hands and wrists to stabilize the putter, and to concentrate on using the arms and shoulders to actually stroke the club. That's the simplest technique, which means it's the easiest to replicate consistently [source: Morrice]. But if you feel more comfortable as a "wristy" putter, don't be afraid to do it that way. A young Arnold Palmer found that if he stood very close to the ball and kept the head of his putter square, using his wrists worked best for him [source: Palmer].