Top 10 Putting Tips


Spend More Time Practicing Putting

In a way, becoming better at putting is like giving up a bad habit. Before you can succeed, you have to stare yourself in the mirror and admit you have a problem. But instead of rushing off to a 12-step program, what you need to do is resolve to practice more. As golf writer Peter Morrice points out, if you shoot 90 for 18 holes and putt 36 times (that's an average of twice per green), that means that 40 percent of your strokes are made with a putter. That's more than the 20 strokes you'll probably take with the wedge, the 14 you'll take with the driver, and the 20 or so that you'll take with all the other various clubs in your bag.

Nevertheless, you probably don't spend 40 percent of your practice time working on putting. But if you want to decrease your score, that's exactly what you should be doing. Instead of spending all your spare hours at the driving range whacking balls off rubber mats with a driver, head out to your course's practice green [source: Morrice]. If you're really serious about your game, you can even build your own backyard putting green, using these instructions from Purdue University turfgrass science program specialists Clark Throssell and Zac Reicher.