Top 10 Golf Swing Tips


Roughing It

Power-driven tee shots and well-considered putts are the crown princes of a well-played game of golf. However, for a player who revels in the strategy of the game, the fairway is where all the action is. In the fairway, you get to practice many shots that, if properly executed, can redeem a lousy tee shot.

The dreaded rough, scourge of beginning golfers, has ensnared many a player. It's essential to modify your swing to navigate out of this tricky terrain. The tricks you'll learn through trial, error and practice will make your swing repertoire more flexible. First, choose your club wisely. You'll want one that will give you maximum loft, such as a nine-iron or a wedge.

Avoid hacking and chopping at the ball, which will gain you mere inches and guarantee you a bogey -- or worse -- on the hole. Instead, spread your feet wider and grip your club a bit more firmly than you normally would. This will help you power through the tough grass. Stand a bit closer to the ball than normal and swing the club so that the head hits the ball at a sharp angle. This cuts down on the amount of grass clogging the surface between the club and the ball and also, hopefully, chips the ball sharply up and out of the danger zone [source: Hoskison].