Top 10 Golf Swing Tips


Taking a Stance

The pros make a powerful, fluid swing look effortless. A beginner, on the other hand, can often find himself missing the ball entirely and, if he's really unfortunate, spinning himself around with such force that he winds up on the ground. To avoid this unfortunate comedy of errors, give proper consideration to your stance before you take a whack at the ball.

  • Align thyself: Picture a set of railroad tracks running from the tee box to the green. Your body is aligned on the inside rail. Your ball is on the outside rail, which runs in a straight line from the tee box to the pin.
  • Spread thy feet: Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with your weight balanced on the balls of your feet.
  • Posture, please: Flex your knees slightly, bend at the hips and keep your spine straight. No slouching!
  • Relax: Loosen your death grip on your club. You want to hold the club securely without squeezing too tightly. You also want to keep your body relaxed and not rigid.

The right stance, along with the right grip, sets you up for a great swing. The proper stance will keep you in balance as you swing and help you direct the ball where you want it to go [source: Lamanna].