Top 10 Golf Swing Tips


After several years of regular playing, practice and possibly professional instruction, you'll very likely have developed a personal swing style. At this advanced stage in your golfing life, you'll always be on the hunt for ways to improve. It's easy to fall prey to nitpicking and head games. You might notice yourself swearing in the tee box when you hit an imperfect drive, rather than soaking in the sunshine, birdsong and camaraderie of the course.

When you realize you've become your own worst enemy, remember the golden rule of golf: relax.

It's possible to focus so much on your technique that you psyche yourself out and ruin your entire game. Many of the greats, such as Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, had unconventional swing styles. Bobby Jones turned his lower body too much, lifted his left foot too high, and came down too quickly on the backswing [source: Jensen]. It worked for him. Maybe your personal swing style has something to teach you, too.

Pro golfer Ken Venturi said, "After you get the basics down, it's all mental." To avoid being intimidated by the course, the competition or your own weaknesses, relax your mind, listen to your body and remember to enjoy the game.

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