How Golf Simulators Work

Golf Simulator Putting

We've learned that golf simulators are a great way to analyze your swing and shot under conditions that closely mimic those in the real world. But what about your putting game?

There are sensors designed to analyze that important aspect of golf as well. After all, you can hit to the green every time, but if you can't sink a putt, you'll never win the game.

Many of us have seen the small putting greens designed to go in a home or office. Using your own clubs, you put the ball along the small course, which can slope up or down and incorporates different types of terrain. But there are more high-tech ways to perfect your putting stroke.

Some companies now manufacture sensor kits that analyze every aspect of your putt. You attach a sensor onto your club, load special software onto your home computer -- often working through a USB port -- and then simply go through the putting motions as you normally would. The software goes to work looking at several factors involved in your putt, like distance, direction, stroke path, club head rotation and more [source: Pro Shot Solutions].

While not quite as high-tech as a fully outfitted golf simulator, these putting simulators are also a lot less expensive, and they're just as important for perfecting your golf technique.

On the next page, we'll take a look at what you'll need to install a golf simulator in your home.