Bobby Jones: How I Play Golf

Relevance Today: What's the Same

Although everything from the clothes to the terms to the materials making up the clubs and balls themselves have changed greatly in the past 75 years, what Jones teaches in his 1930s films are the same techniques that define a good golf game today. Evolving ball, driver and wood technologies have brought great advances in the distance and consistency golfers expect from their clubs, but what makes a drive land in the right place or a putt fall into the cup has not changed. Although the average drive distance has improved greatly over the years, the average golf handicap has remained fairly consistent.

As Ortiz explains, the game from 100 yards in is still the same. No matter how far a golfer can drive the ball off the tee, he must still rely on skill and finesse to get the ball into the cup:

The closer you get to the hole, the more skill and practice comes into the game. The finesse game can only be improved with lots of practice ... Bobby Jones would be a champion today like he was then. It's in the swing, and you've gotta practice your swing. Golfers like to think that they can buy a game, but that's not true. You can buy some improvement, but the bottom line is you have to invest in time and practice to score better.

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