How to Start a Table Tennis Club

Played indoors or out, table tennis is a very popular game!
Played indoors or out, table tennis is a very popular game!

If you grew up in the United States, then there's a pretty good chance you've had a pingpong paddle in your hand at some point. It's a popular game for kids and adults, and it actually came from England, where it's known by its more formal name, table tennis. Today, table tennis has seen a strong resurgence in the United States, with trendy ping-pong clubs popping up in major cities all over the country. The trendy aspect may have something to do with the fact that clubs in New York and Los Angeles have become popular with celebrities like actress Susan Sarandon getting involved in club ownership. Her club, SPiN New York, is one of the more popular clubs in the Big Apple.

Chances are, most of your pingpong has been played against friends in your basement or in the rec-room belonging to a buddy. So why would you bother starting a table tennis club? Well, the same reason you'd start a bowling team, a dart league or a softball team. Starting a league or club means you have a range of competitors, you'll most likely have more space and better lighting, and you'll create a more social scene than you could in your basement. Read on to find out some tips on how to start your own table tennis club in your area.

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