How to Play Street Hockey

Street Hockey Rules

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, takes a quick shot in a game of street hockey in Yellowknife, Canada.
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, takes a quick shot in a game of street hockey in Yellowknife, Canada.
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In street hockey, the gameplay itself looks like ice hockey. There's a face-off to start play, in which the two centers vie for initial control of the ball. Each team tries to send the ball through the opposing goal, passing between players and covering their designated space on the court.

When there's a penalty or regulatory violation, the non-offending team, typically the center, gets control of the ball (and in the case of a penalty, the offending player sits out for one minute). In regulation street hockey, as described by NHL Street, penalties and violations are similar to ice hockey and include:


  • Icing -- Shooting the ball from one end of the court (on your side) to the other without any opposing player touching it
  • Off-sides -- Stepping (or skating) over the center line before the ball crosses it
  • Off-sides pass -- Passing the ball over the center line to a player who was off-sides
  • Out-of-bounds -- Hitting the ball beyond the boundaries of the play area


  • Butt-ending, cross-checking, or slashing -- Hitting an opposing player with the end or shaft of your stick or swinging it at him or her, respectively
  • Charging or checking -- Slamming yourself into an opposing player or slamming an opposing player into a stationary object
  • Elbowing -- Hitting another player with an elbow
  • High-sticking -- Carrying your stick above the waist line
  • Holding or hooking -- Impeding an opposing player's progress with your hands or your stick, respectively
  • Interference -- Physically engaging with an opposing player who is not in possession of the puck
  • Tripping -- Knocking an opposing player's feet out with your feet or your stick

Also forbidden? Fighting. If you hit another player, you're out for the rest of the game.

To this end, do yourself a favor and appoint that ref. This is street hockey, not debate team: There are no points for winning an argument. Just grab a stick, slap down some cinder blocks and score a goal.

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