5 Tips for Starting a Club Sports Team


Establish a Budget

While some communities may have a dedicated recreation budget, most community sports leagues are on their own when it comes to costs. To determine what expenses you'll need to cover, think about everything you'll require to set up for your first game:

  • Facilities -- Is there a fee to use or reserve a field, court or rink? Will you need to contribute to maintenance costs such as lawn mowing and snow removal? What about measuring, surveying and lining fields?
  • Equipment -- Do you need goal cages, backstops, bases, goal posts or nets?
  • Will you require official uniforms, or will this be a more informal league? Will members need to supply their own protective gear, such as helmets, face masks, chest pads, shoulder pads, if your sport requires these items?
  • Referees -- Will you need to pay referees or umpires or will these be volunteers?

Once you've laid out all of your costs, try to determine what revenues you'll need to cover your expenses. If member dues and registrations won't do it (you mean your neighbors don't want to pay $350 a season to join the best badminton league around?), consider asking local businesses or sporting equipment companies to sponsor individual teams. Once the league is established, fundraisers such as bake sales, car washes or even a concession stand at the field can provide an additional source of revenue.