10 Tips for Semi-pro Football Tryouts


Plyometric Exercises

One of the skills coaches will look for is your ability to explode off the line when the ball is snapped. That takes agility, yet another way to prove to the coaches that your body is at the proper level of conditioning. Be prepared to run speed and agility drills if they ask.

Plyometric exercises can improve your agility. These exercises rapidly stretch and shorten the muscles and connective tissue. As a result, elastic energy builds up in the muscles to create more force when you need it.

Jumping, hopping and weaving all qualify as plyometric exercises. Practice standing long jumps and vertical jumps. Hop over low cones or other small objects. Throw some lateral shuffles or runs into the mix, and you can create a good base before tryouts.

Exercise isn't the only factor in your fitness. Diet plays a big part in how you'll be able to function during a game. Let's look at how you eat while you train.