10 Funny Intramural Team Names


Fake Madrid

For the ultimate intramural soccer team names, college students often draw inspiration from one of the world's greatest soccer teams, Real Madrid. Spain's Real Madrid has long served as one of the most successful and most football (soccer is called football outside the United States) teams on the planet. Teams from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee to the University of Waterloo in Canada have played under the name of Fake Madrid as an ironic homage to the greats. Not only is the name instantly recognizable, it's also sure to garner laughs from the crowd, and maybe even give players just a touch of that Real Madrid magic.

One caveat, though: Real is actually a Spanish term meaning royal, and it has nothing to do with authenticity. For teams not overly familiar with the game of soccer or the Spanish language, the joke just may be on the players themselves.