See the Band, Buy the T-shirt (More Easily)

No one said life on the road was easy. Especially if you're an upstart band trying to make it. Album sales have declined for years, so artists have to hit the road to be seen, to be heard ... and to make a little cash money along the way.

While bands are hitting every backroom bar and outdoor gig they can book, they also need an easier way to sell merchandise to fans — another key revenue source for making ends meet. 

Now, a new app called Merch Cat aims to make it easier to sell merchandise on the road with easy tools for payment, inventory management and detailed tracking.

In the video above, Vanessa Ferrer, founder and CEO of Merch Cat (also the name of the company), chatted with us about how Merch Cat works and how it could have a huge impact on how musicians make money while on the road.