Robin Yount

Positions: Shortstop; Outfielder
Team: Milwaukee Brewers, 1974-1993

Robin Yount
In 1974, when he was just 18 years old,
Robin Yount became the Brewers'
starting shortstop. At the time, he was
the youngest player in the majors.

While it's difficult to be good at baseball, it's even harder to be good, consistently good, for a long time. When most players face the inevitable serious injury, they move to an easier defensive position to extend their careers.

Not so with Robin Yount (born 1955). After 11 years as a Milwaukee Brewers shortstop -- with a Gold Glove and an MVP Award -- Yount suffered a shoulder injury that hampered his arm. So he moved. Not to first base, or second, but to the equally demanding position of center field.

He won an MVP Award -- and a Gold Glove -- while playing there, too. Although the injury limited his power, he tallied four consecutive .300 seasons as an outfielder and knocked home a total of 297 runs in three of those years.

Yount was seldom flashy, but he topped the .300 mark six times. Eight times he played 150 games or more. He led the American League in doubles, triples, and runs created twice each, and he reached the 3,000-hit mark in 1992.

Yount was one of the first players to realize the benefits of weight-room work. (Before his era, most players had been afraid of becoming "muscle-bound.") His efforts paid off in 1980, when he became the first shortstop in 15 years to rack up more than 300 total bases.

When Yount was hot, he was positively scorching. Entering the 1982 season, his highest batting average had been .293. His only league-leading number was a doubles title two seasons earlier. But that year he took off. His 210 hits led the league, as did his 46 doubles, .578 slugging average, and 367 total bases. He batted .331, hit 29 homers, and drove in 114 runs.

No AL shortstop had ever had such a potent offensive season. To top it off, Yount hit two homers in the last game of the regular season to clinch a playoff berth for Milwaukee, then batted .414 with six RBI in the World Series.

Yount had played only 64 games in the minors before becoming the Brewers' starting shortstop in 1974 at age 18. At the time, he was the youngest player in the majors.

During spring training in 1978, Yount left the Brewers briefly to become a pro golfer. He wisely returned a few months later and remained with Milwaukee for the rest of his career. Yount was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

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