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­It's pretty much guaranteed that there will be a 23rd James Bond movie, but where it will take 007 is still very much open to question. Marc Forster excised a scene from the end of the film that would have made it more of a cliffhanger. "If I had kept the scene, the producers wouldn't have had a choice but to make it a trilogy. Now they can start new," says the director, who believes "the movie felt complete with Bond finding his quantum of solace." Nevertheless, the producers say they might bring back Quantum as Bond's nemesis. (The deleted scene will be on the DVD.)

­Forster was offered the directing job on No. 23, but would prefer to switch genres for his next effort. "When you're doing these movies you don't have a life. You're working a year, 24/7, around the clock. I don't necessarily want to do that again. I'm always looking for a love story, but I haven't found one yet," he says.

Roberto Schafer, now wrapping work on a low-budget dark comedy called "Leaves of Grass," would love to do another 007 flick, and so would Gary Powell, currently in Boston shooting

"Edge of Darkness," a Mel Gibson vehicle directed by Martin Campbell, "Casino Royale's" director.

"There's something special about a James Bond film. It's fantasy; girls want to meet James Bond and guys want to be him. It's two hours of escape, and especially now when the economy is not so good, people want to forget about that," he says.

Daniel Craig, who is contracted for two more turns as Bond, is enjoying stepping into the role originated so iconically by Sean Connery. "It's a thrill. I pinch myself, genuinely," he says. "It's a really good job." He'll be seen next as a Jewish partisan in the World War II drama "Defiance," opening Dec. 31 in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide Jan. 16. Co-star Kurylenko recently wrapped a role in the Israeli drama "Kirot." "There are some action moments involved," she says, adding with some relief, "But it's not an action film."­

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