5 Addicting Puzzle Games



This game is both addicting and adorable.
This game is both addicting and adorable.
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Chuzzles may just be some of the darned cutest substances to ever cause someone a somewhat debilitating addiction. Chuzzle is a computer game that can be played on multiple platforms -- computer, Web or app. Also like Tetris, it involves moving matching game pieces into groups.

Chuzzles are adorable little furballs with big eyes that look very expectantly at you to make a good move. The chuzzles -- all different colors -- are lined up on a grid. You can move rows left and right, columns up and down. You're attempting to group three like-colored Chuzzles in a row. When you do, they pop off the screen. After getting a certain number, you move on to harder levels.

As with most puzzle games, it's not entirely easy to pinpoint why the game is so fun and addictive. One point for Chuzzle? Its relentless soundtrack, which manages to be both pulsing and hypnotic. If you don't find the game addicting, you still might find yourself bouncing along to the song, long after Chuzzle has ended.