5 Addicting Puzzle Games

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Games are supposed to relax us. Take our mind off our troubles, perhaps, and provide us some entertainment as we melt into a friendly competition with others, or even against ourselves.

Not these games.

The games you'll read about here are puzzle games -- and not the cute little jigsaws you do with your niece. Some of the games are simply ones you cannot quit playing because each victory high is followed by a challenge you're positive will bring even higher euphoria. Some are truly challenging, requiring actual skill that will make you unable to leave a game unfinished. And yet others have some magical blend of both. As we attempt to plan, configure and rearrange, we lose our minds on something we so casually refer to as a game.

Let's explore the world of puzzle games that will leave you wild-eyed and foaming at the mouth for more. Remember: you can stop at anytime. You just don't want to.