A Week in the NFL: Patrick Kerney Speaks


Other than Sunday, Saturday is Kerney's busiest day. The team practices, pumps iron and walks through the entire game plan.

It's wake up, breakfast on the way to work, stack of pancakes and then we meet from 8:30 till about 10:00. Then we go out on the field to a quick warm-up, break a sweat, stretch, then do our walk-through. It's usually about 8 to 10 plays of offense, 8 to 10 plays of defense against certain formations and just walking through them [at] the slowest speed possible, making sure everybody's in the right place.

The walk through starts at 10:30, and we're off the field by usually 11:00. Maybe ice tub it again, shower up and head home, grab lunch [at 12:30], watch some college football for a couple hours. I'll usually head over to the hotel before home games, head over to the hotel at about 5:00 so I can meet the guys for dinner at the hotel, and then chapel's at 7:15.

So there's a team hotel where everyone meets?

Yeah, that's where we all spend Saturday night.

We have team chapel at 7:15 and our team meetings start at 8:00. They go from 8 to 9. At least seven times they've ended up with a highlight psych-up film from the previous week's game. And then we go down for snack, sometimes watch a little bit more film. I go up to my room and I'm usually passed out by 10:00.

Do you have roommates?

I have my own room. Some guys have roommates. They put me by myself; I guess they don't want me influencing anybody.

As in... "That guy's a little uneven?"