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A Week in the NFL: Patrick Kerney Speaks


Kerney's Mondays involve lots of food, post-game healing and an evening on talk radio.

When do you get up?


Monday is a later wake up around 7:30 and breakfast on the way to work. I usually go heavy carbs, pancakes, OJ and a shot of wheat grass ... It's usually a stack of about five [pancakes] ... They're all microwavable, you can't mess them up.


Uh, I've been told it's very good for you, especially for your immune system; you know later in the season, your body gets tired and flu season comes around right when you're weakest and you can't really fend it off, so I need all the help I can get to make sure I stay healthy.

When I get to the facility, I check in with the trainers, report my dings from the previous game or the previous day's game.

What kind of dings?

I usually get a fingernail drained cause they get crushed between helmets. Haven't had that yet today, but I had a shoulder separation problem a few weeks ago, and I put ice and an electric stim[stimulator] on that, and then once that's sort of taken care of I go hit the weight room for an hour, hour and a half.

Favorite exercise?

It's a good question, probably the power clean just because it's the most athletic lift and it's the most important lift for football ... The most I power cleaned was I got 400 last summer.

After the weight room it's into the showers, try to get some more food into the belly and they have lunch for us on Mondays, so it's eat and then ...

What's for lunch?

Usually some pasta, a couple chicken breasts, fruit salad, whatever vegetable they have there, let me think of what else they usually have, they usually have some type of potato so I usually get a bunch of that.

So it's an ice bath, hot shower, then lunch, then we meet as a team and watch the film.

Even when you win it's to see what you did wrong and think about what you're going to do in practice this week to fix it.

Then it's on the way home unless you're significantly dinged -- then it's another set of treatments of ice, electro stim, and ultrasound and stuff like that before you go home.

I'll get home around 3. Then I got my 5 p.m. radio show on 96 Rock. And then the 7 to 8 p.m. radio show on WGST, which is the call-in show.

When's dinner?

Between the two, luckily the second show is at Sal Grosso, which is a Brazilian steak house and we get free dinner there before the show.

It's one of those Brazilian steak house things. I just wait for them to bring the filet mignon around and then just go ahead and ask them to empty out half the rack onto my plate maybe with some mashed potatoes, asparagus, and some pasta...

Then it's finally home for a little time on the couch and just do some relaxation.

I watch TV, movies, a lot of times take care of business stuff, paying bills, just general business stuff.

Bedtime is at 10:30 every night really. I'll eat another plate of spaghetti, then bedtime.

Are Mondays after a win any different from Mondays after a loss?

After we lose ... [usually] at the end of our lift we have to run like four 100's to get the laughing gas out of our legs, and the day after we lose we don't do that on our own. We bump the running to after meetings so we run as a team. And it's a little bit more running and what's cool is that Coach Mora does the running with us.