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The NFL is an acronym for the National Football League. The NFL is the governing body for the league and is responsible for organizing the teams, their games and the business of professional football.

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Sammy Baugh

Slingin' Sammy Baugh was so accurate in his passing that he led the NFL record in passing six times. He also led the league in passing, punting and interceptions in 1943. He was one of the sport's most complete players.

Chuck Bednarik

Chuck Bednarik was a great football player who effortlessly switched between offensive center and linebacker. He was known as a tough hitter. Read about how a tough hit from Bednarik left Frank Gifford lying unconscious on the ground.

Bobby Bell

Bobby Bell was a great defensive player and was inaugurated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983. His career spanned 12 years, and in that time, he amassed 26 interceptions, six of which were returned for touchdowns. Learn about Bobby Bell's achievements.

Raymond Berry

For Raymond Berry, practice made perfect; he led the NFL in receptions with 631 when he retired. His career best game came in the 1958 championship game where he caught 12 passes for 178 yards and a touchdown.

Mel Blount

Mel Blount played in five Pro Bowls and holds the Steelers' record for most interceptions. He was one of the best cornerbacks of his era and part of the reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers were the most dominant team in the '70s.

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw started slow with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but was setting records by the end of his career. Bradshaw played for 14 seasons, throwing 27,989 yards and making 212 touchdowns.

Jim Brown

Jim Brown set several records in his short career and is often considered football's greatest runner. His average of 5.2 yards per carry is still the best in NFL history -- no other player with 1000 carries has come close.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown led the Cleveland Browns to four straight AAFC titles before founding and coaching the Cincinnati Bengals. Brown introduced the study of modern pass-blocking techniques and new passing schemes.

Roosevelt Brown

The Giants didn't expect to draft Roosevelt Brown but the All-American player was a great offensive lineman. Brown was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1975. He was the second lineman to achieve that honor. Learn more about Roosevelt Brown.

Buck Buchanan

Buck Buchanan was the big player with the big personality that the Kansas City Chiefs needed in the late 1960s. Buchanan was a constant threat who gained notoriety for making things happen when it counted.

Dick Butkus

The "Maestro of Mayhem" Dick Butkus was a one-man wrecking crew on the football field. Butkus was known for his punishing hits and desire to be the best player on the field. He was elected to the Hall in 1979. Read about this agile player and his great achievements.

Herb Adderley

Herb Adderley played cornerback for nine seasons with the Packers and three more with the Dallas Cowboys. Adderly was known as being one of the best cornerbacks professional football has ever seen. Learn about football legend Herb Adderley.

A Week in the NFL: Patrick Kerney Speaks

Take an inside look at a working week in the life of one of the NFL's top defensive ends, Patrick Kerney of the Atlanta Falcons, as told to us by Kerney himself.

How the Super Bowl Works

Super Bowl Sunday is a football fan's dream: The game of games, where the champion of the entire season is decided in four short quarters and there is no rematch. Read all about the biggest football game of the year.

How American Football Works

It's training camp time -- are you a would-be football fan? Or maybe you just want a refresher on the rules? We'll tell you how the plays work, how to keep score and how large a football field really is. Hike!

NFL Players In Their Own Words

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play professional football? We have, so we called up players Takeo Spikes, Carlos Emmons, Jonas Jennings, Fred Beasley and Willie Anderson to find out.

How the NFL Draft Works

Free agents, restricted free agents, compensatory picks and good old Mr. Irrelevant...what does it all mean? It's NFL draft time! Find out how NFL teams fill positions in this annual event.

How does the NFL salary cap work?

With the recent NFL draft, players are now negotiating contracts. Learn how the NFL's salary cap works, and how teams work under the salary cap with trades, signing bonuses, and other financial maneuvering.

How the First-Down Line Works

The virtual first-down line that you see in many televised football games is something of a computer-generated miracle that home viewers have come to love. Find out how this line gets "painted" on the field without painting the players.

How do they superimpose the first-down line onto the field on televised football games?

Advancements in technology allow the home viewer to see all kinds of information that the fan in the stadium can't see. Learn how do the broadcast stations superimpose the first-down line on the football playing field.

How NFL Equipment Works

A typical NFL football team goes through 2,500 pairs of sneakers in one season. Go inside an NFL locker room and check out the equipment behind the game!