Post-blockbuster Summer Movie Guide

World Trade Center

  1. To portray a sense of realism and to do justice to many of the fallen officers of September 11th, director Oliver Stone used actors from former cops turned actors. They all have their SAG cards.
  2. Known for his politically charged dramas like "JFK," "Nixon," "Wall Street," "Born on the Fourth of July," and "Platoon," Stone says he's focusing on the real-life heroics as opposed to the political dimensions of the 9/11 attack. To do this, he focuses on the story of two Port Authority Police Officers.
  3. An underground filmmaker, Chris Moukarbel, took sections of the WTC script he found on the internet to create World Trade Center 2006. The video was made entirely in his studio using student actors and then released on the Internet, intentionally pre-empting Stone's film release in August 2006. According to Moukarbel: "The artwork is a commentary on Hollywood's authority to write history. Through their depiction of an historic event, they are ultimately in the position to influence ideas and effect policy." Paramount Pictures is taking action against him. For now, the film and all pages that linked to it say that it has been removed at the request of Paramount Studios.
  4. This is Maggie Gyllenhaal's second film touching on 9/11 themes. In an interview for the first, she was quoted as saying "I think America has done reprehensible things and it's responsible in some way" for the September 11th attacks. Her opinion has caused some controversy about her appearance in World Trade Center.
  5. Nicolas Cage portrays real-life Sergeant John McLoughlin. Stone cast Cage based on a conversation he had with the real McLoughlin on who should play him. Other names that were tossed around were George Clooney, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, and Mel Gibson.
  6. McLoughlin and Jimeno were the last two survivors to be recovered from the rubble of the fallen towers. They credit their survival to the rescue teams who searched for them and managed to pull them out before their oxygen supply was depleted.
  7. Nicolas Cage is distantly related to two policemen who perished in the September 11th attacks, Donald MacEntire and John Sherry.
  8. In 2002, Paramount also released a documentary by James Hanlon and Jules and Gedeon Naudet depicting a local ladder company on the day of the attacks. This is the only released video of the first plane hitting the North Tower. Opens on August 9, 2006