Post-blockbuster Summer Movie Guide

Snakes on a Plane

Samuel L. Jackson in "Snakes on a Plane"
Samuel L. Jackson in "Snakes on a Plane"
Image courtesy New Line Cinema
  1. Director Ronny Yu was originally slated to direct the film, but budget problems and creative differences led to his resignation and replacement by David R. Ellis.
  2. "Snakes on a Plane" has become an Internet phenomenon, attracting attention usually only reserved for the next "Star Wars," "Batman" or "Spiderman" movie. Fans wanted Samuel L. Jackson to speak a certain line in the film, which didn't exist. In response to this, the cast and crew were called back for five additional days to re-shoot some scenes using fan enthusiasm as their guide. The result will change the film's rating from PG-13 to R.
  3. New Line Cinema and TagWorld, an online friend site similar to MySpace, created a contest for new bands to have their music included in the movie. The winning band was Captain Ahab and their track "Snakes on the Brain" will be featured in the film. Runner up Louden Swain's track "Here Come the Snake" will be included on the official movie soundtrack.
  4. Months before the film debuted, Internet sites and news shows began discussing it and making jokes about the title. All of this discussion created a huge amount of pre-release interest in the movie. Screenwriter Josh Friedman, who at one time was attached to the project, is credited with starting much of the buzz with an entry on his blog celebrating the return of the movie's name from "Flight 121" to "Snakes on a Plane." The movie has also been the target of humorous monologues and jokes on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report."
  5. Technology magazine Wired named "Snakes on a Plane" the "Best Worst Film of 2006" in their January 2006 issue. None of the editors or writers at Wired had seen any part of the movie; instead, it received the award based on its title and concept.
  6. Bloggers and fans of the movie have created songs, T-shirts, new movie posters, fanfiction, parody films, mock trailers, a board game and a poker game based on the movie. Many of these films feature crossover characters from Samuel L. Jackson's other movies, including Mace Windu, Jackson's character from "Star Wars," and his characters from "Shaft" and "Pulp Fiction". While some studios immediately move to block such fan-created items, New Line Cinema and "Snakes on a Plane"'s producers have encouraged fans to have fun with the movie concept.
  7. The image on the movie poster of two snakes wrapped around a plane was designed to resemble the Caduceus, the staff of the Greek god Hermes. The Caduceus is often used as a symbol for medicine and in hospitals.
  8. The title "Snakes on a Plane" is similar to a piece of airline pilot lingo. They use the phrase "Snakes in the cockpit" when they have a large number of tasks to perform.
  9. A live version of the movie occurred in June 2006 when one particular pilot was shocked to discover that there really was a snake on his small personal plane. The pilot found a small snake on his control panel, which he grabbed a hold of. He landed his plane safely after requesting emergency clearance from the nearest airport.

Opens on August 18, 2006