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The Ant Bully

"The Ant Bully"
"The Ant Bully"
  1. The movie will also be released in IMAX 3D theaters using the same format that was used to take "The Polar Express" from standard movie to IMAX. "The Ant Bully" will be the third Warner film to be shown in IMAX theaters.
  2. While the dialogue of many animated or CGI movies is recorded with only one or two actors in the studio at once, many of "The Ant Bully"'s cast recorded dialogue together. This allowed them to play off each other instead of reacting to previously recorded lines.
  3. Many of the characters in "The Ant Bully" are voiced by huge Hollywood stars, including Meryl Streep, Bruce Campbell, Julia Roberts, Lily Tomlin, and Nicholas Cage. The lead role of Lucas, however, was given to Zach Tyler, who has never played the lead character in a major movie. Tyler is a relative newcomer to Hollywood, having only six major roles since 1999. He has, however, done voice over work before in cartoon series "The Backyardigans" and "Aviator: The Last Airbender."
  4. One of the trailers for the film had bugs auditioning for the role of Terrified Ant Number 1697 in the movie. Their auditions poked fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Harry Potter" and rappers.
  5. When the project first began, many of the big name stars weren't part of it. Because recording is one of the last things done on an animated project, actors had time to learn about the script and ask to join the project.
  6. In addition to "The Ant Bully movie," Midway games has created a video game version for the Playstation 2, the Game Cube, the PC and the Game Boy Advance. These games follow the plot of the movie and put players in the role of Lucas.
  7. The movie took over two years to create. Because of that, many of the actors were called in over the years to record parts in the trailers as they were completed before finally being able to record the movie.
  8. Jelly Belly has created four new jelly bean flavors to go along with "The Ant Bully." They are Ant Hill, Lawn Clippings, Caterpillar and Alka Root. These flavors are also the flavors of the "sweet rocks" featured in the movie.
  9. There has been some complaint about nudity in the film. When Lucas is shrunk to ant size, he loses most of his clothing because it doesn't shrink with him. However, he still has his underpants on (they mysteriously shrink with him).

Opens July 28, 2006