Post-blockbuster Summer Movie Guide

Miami Vice

  1. Michael Mann directs the film version of the TV hit he created and produced for NBC in 1984.
  2. He sued William Friedkin, claiming that the movie "To Live and Die in LA" stole its concept from the "Miami Vice" series. He lost the lawsuit.
  3. The actor that originally played Lt. Castillo, Edward James Olmos, was offered the chance to play the role again in the movie version, but turned it down. He has said that he didn't really want to do the role in the television series, but that the money was just too good to turn down because "I was the highest-paid actor--per word--in the history of television!"
  4. When filming the movie in the fall of 2005 in the Dominican Republic, an incident caused the crew to halt filming two days due to rioting.
  5. While on the set of the movie Jamie Foxx's stand-in, David Brown, was approached by two crewmembers holding nooses. Foxx and Brown believed that the action was intended as a racist comment about the lynch mobs in the South. The crewmembers later apologized, saying that they had only intended it as a bad joke, but were subsequently dismissed.
  6. The movie was being filmed in Miami in August of 2005 when Katrina, then a category 1 hurricane, swept through Florida and caused the crew to have to take a week or so off in order to regroup before they could begin filming again. The filming was also halted when hurricanes Rita and Wilma came through.
  7. Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx stars as Detective Ricardo Tubbs in the movie. "Miami Vice" is just one of several movies in which he has worked with Mann. Mann also directed both "Ali" and "Collateral." He's also set to star in two of Mann's upcoming films, "Damage Control" and "The Kingdom." Mann will direct "Damage Control," but is only writing on "The Kingdom."
  8. Jamie Foxx's Oscar nominations were actually something of a combined oddity. He was only the second male actor in history to be nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in the same year, and he was the first African-American actor to accomplish this feat. It was also the sixth time that an actor or actress has won the award for portraying a pianist.
  9. In order to keep the movie as realistic as possible and to help make the scenes as gritty as possible, Mann had both Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx study with highly trained, deep undercover agents with the ATF and the DEA. Mann wanted Crockett and Tubbs to come across as detectives who have to "float in between the lines."
  10. Mann, unlike most directors, likes to operate the camera himself so that he can be sure he's capturing the essence of the film. He has also been known to say that he doesn't like to turn off the camera between takes so that he can get a better feel for the movie.
  11. At the end of the pilot of the original television series a song by Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight, "played when Crockett and Tubbs were racing through the streets of Miami. A cover of that song will be featured on the soundtrack.

Opens July 28, 2006