Post-blockbuster Summer Movie Guide

Monster House

"Monster House"
"Monster House"
  1. The film will also be released in IMAX theaters equipped with stereoscopic projection. While any film can be rendered for IMAX, animated or CGI films like "Monster House" are ideal for stereoscopic projection because the entire movie was created in a virtual 3D world. This means it is very, very easy to change the viewpoint in scenes. If the film had been live-action, the movie would have had to have been filmed from each angle.
  2. The movie's official Web site includes more than just information about the characters. The entire webpage is set up to resemble DJ's desk and notebook. Visitors can also create iron-on transfers of their favorite characters and play "Thou Art Dead," the videogame that Skull plays in the movie.
  3. The trailer of "Monster House" makes extensive use of the music from the movie "Beetlejuice," including the very recognizable main theme. However, the two films are not connected in any way.
  4. Mitchel Musso, who plays DJ in "Monster House," played the role of Aang in the pilot and first few episodes of the anime "Avatar: The Last Airbender." The role was later performed by Zachary Tyler, who stars in another summer movie, "The Ant Bully."
  5. In addition to a novelization of "Monster House" by Tom Hughes, several other books are planned to go along with the movie, including books recreating DJ's notebook and Jenny's diary.
  6. The Streetwise Web site has created a number of different challenges and competitions for fans of "Monster House." Winners receive special movie items. Special media downloads are also available, many of which are exclusive to the site.
  7. "Monster House" is directed by first-timer Gil Kenan. Producer Steven Spielberg is impressed with Kenan's work.
  8. In order to get an idea of what the characters looked like from all angles and to help get the cast and crew in character, artists came in and created sculptures of all of the main characters and the main locations. Director Kenan felt this would help lend more of a human touch to a movie created solely in CGI.
  9. There is a television show called "Monster House," but it has no relation to the film. It focuses instead on remodeling old or poorly-designed houses that are termed "monsters."

Opens July 21, 2006