Meet Davis Guggenheim, Producer and Director

Davis Guggenheim directed and executive produced the Academy Award®-winning feature film documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" with Vice President Al Gore. He was producer and director of the Emmy Award-winning HBO series "Deadwood." His television directing credits include the pilot of the CBS show "The Unit" as well as episodes of "Numbers," "The Shield," "Alias," "24" and such critically acclaimed programs as "NYPD Blue," "ER" and "Party of Five." He was an Executive Producer of "Training Day" and director of the film "Gossip" for Warner Brothers.

In 1999, Guggenheim undertook an ambitious project documenting the challenging first year of several novice public school teachers. The result of this intensive immersion into Los Angeles's public school system is two documentary films: "The First Year" and "Teach." Both films were made to address the tremendous need for qualified teachers in California and nationwide, to create awareness of the crisis as well as inspire the next generation to become teachers.

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