How Magna Doodle Works

The Case

The plastic case holds everything together.

It has two pieces:

A front piece that:

  • provides a flat surface for the display (the display screen is glued to the front side)
  • has the molded magnetic pen holder
  • in the case of a Travel Magna Doodle, has a handle
  • in some cases, has holders for shaped magnets (circles, squares, stars)
Back view of the case's front piece showing the back of the display and the magnetic eraser

A raised back piece that:

  • provides a flat, even surface to hold the display and to slide the eraser magnet smoothly and evenly across the back of the display
  • has the molded groove through which the magnetic eraser slides
Front view of the case's back piece showing the raised surface for the display and the groove for the magnetic eraser

Now that we have seen each part, let's see how the Magna Doodle works!