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Alternative Lottery Strategies

Astrological Signs and Lunar Cycles

Have you ever wondered just how those predictions in newspapers, magazines, and on online are made? Astrology is based upon the theory that our daily lives are affected by the movement of the sun, moon, and planets. If you were to have a natal chart (horoscope) done, it would represent a snapshot of the heavens at your moment of birth. The astrologer then studies the chart to determine your traits and predict your future.

Since the astrologers who write this have no way of determining your complete horoscope, they use the second-best method -- sun signs. That is, they write sections on each of the signs, and you look up the correct sign for your birthday. Your sun sign is determined by the position of the sun when you were born. For example, if you were born between March 21 and April 20, your sign is Aries since the sun is in Aries at that time.

According to astrologists, sun sign astrology can't be as accurate as studying one's natal chart, but it can provide some advice for your activities, such as trying to win the lottery. Check out your sign:

ARIES (March 21--April 20)
Traits: impulsive, individualistic
Buy tickets: in a skyscraper; in or near a hardware store
Best games: Instant Games; bonus ball-type games, such as Powerball
Best instant games: red-colored, with words Beat, Strike, Hot, or Fever
Best methods: use personal numbers; play a police officer's or a soldier's birthday; tracking; play hot numbers

TAURUS (April 21--May 21)
Traits: patient, stubborn
Buy Tickets: in an adobe or brick building; in a florist shop
Best Games: ones with large jackpots, such as Lotto or Powerball
Best Instant Games: copper-colored, with words Treasure, Bank, or Vault
Best Methods: play same series of numbers repeatedly; mainstream systems such as wheeling

GEMINI (May 22--June 21)
Traits: versatile, adaptable, restless
Buy tickets: at a neighborhood store; in a bus or train station
Best games: Little-Lottos (Fantasy 5, Cash 5)
Best instant games: yellow-colored, with words Fast, Quick, or Double
Best methods: buy two tickets; buy Quick Picks; play a sibling's birthday or your car license plate numbers

CANCER (June 22--July 22)
Traits: security-minded, moody
Buy tickets: at a grocery store; near a river, lake, or beach
Best games: Dailies; $2 instant games
Best instant games: silver-colored, with words Money, Cash, Monopoly, or Millionaire
Best methods: make use of numerology, lucky charms, and hunches

LEO (July 23--August 22)
Traits: bold, generous, fun-loving
Buy tickets: where kids congregate; where your sweetheart shops; in or near a sporting goods store
Best games: Lotto; bonus ball-type games, such as Powerball
Best instant games: gold-colored, with words Cat, Joker, or Gold
Best methods: track and play hot numbers; play a child's birthday

VIRGO (August 23--September 23)
Traits: practical, observant
Buy tickets: at a newsstand; in a brick building
Best games: Little Lotto; Dailies
Best instant games: yellow-colored, with words Bingo, Tree, or Combination
Best methods: tracking; pooling; play a coworker's or a doctor's birthday

LIBRA (September 24--October 23)
Traits: logical, romantic, indecisive
Buy tickets: in a florist shop; in or near a beauty shop; where your spouse shops
Best games: Pick 3; Lotto
Best instant games: copper- or pale blue-colored, with words Sweetheart, Diamonds, or Two
Best methods: wheeling; pooling; Quick Picks; play with a partner

SCORPIO (October 24--November 22)
Traits: intense, emotional
Buy tickets: in basement of a building; in a dimly lit place
Best games: Lotto; instant games
Best instant games: red- or black-colored, with words Life, Bonus, or Second Chance
Best methods: the paranormal; play your insurance policy numbers

SAGITTARIUS (November 23--December 21)
Traits: happy-go-lucky, impulsive
Buy tickets: at out-of-state lotteries; near a college
Best games: multistate games; Pick 3
Best instant games: purple-colored, with words Lucky, Happy, or Triple
Best methods: Quick Picks; use personal numbers; play an in-law's birthday

CAPRICORN (December 22--January 20)
Traits: serious, practical
Buy tickets: at a store near your job; in a wooden building
Best games: Pick 4; Little Lotto
Best instant games: green- or brown-colored, with words Green, Cold, Cool, or Tree
Best methods: track and play cold (overdue) numbers; use a lucky charm; play your boss' birth date

AQUARIUS (January 21--February 19)
Traits: intellectual, eccentric
Buy tickets: at an airport; where your friends shop
Best games: Lotto; Powerball, or other bonus-ball games
Best instant games: dark blue-colored, with words Wild, Seven, or Surprise
Best methods: join a small pool; use a computer to track and analyze odd/even numbers

PISCES (February 20--March 20)
Traits: sensitive, emotional
Buy tickets: at a gas station; near a lake, river, or beach
Best games: Lotto; Little-Lotto; Pick 3
Best instant games: turquoise-colored, with words Nine, Fishing, or Fantasy
Best methods: play numbers in your dreams; the paranormal; wheeling

Lunar Cycles

There are other timing techniques you can use when you play the lottery, astrologists say. In addition to picking lucky times in certain days or months, you can calculate lucky cycles. How do you do it? Just as your astrological sign is determined by the position of the sun when you were born, your lucky cycles can be determined by the position of the moon.

According to astrology, the moon governs growth. In fact, some farmers plant by the phases of the moon, checking when the moon is in a fertile or fruitful sign. Since the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) are the most fertile signs for planting, a farmer would want to plant crops when the moon is in a water sign. The earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) are also considered to yield a prosperous harvest. So why not follow the farmers' example and plant your lottery "seeds" (numbers) during a fruitful time?

Now, in what sign of the moon will you be luckiest? At the sign under which you were born, according to astrologists. Leos, for instance, will want to choose their numbers and buy that stack of Pick 3 tickets on the days when the moon is in Leo. The moon stays in each sign of the zodiac for approximately two and a half days. So how can you determine what sign the moon is in?

Astrological magazines give the moon's precise position. You can also check out the farmer's almanac and some calendars. Keep in mind that if you use a calendar, your calculations may not be precise.

If your calendar lists the moon as being in Taurus for November 5, 6, and 7, you'll have no way of knowing precisely when the moon leaves Taurus and enters the sign of Gemini. You'll only know that it does so at some time on the seventh. You may have to use some educated guesswork, but that may be all you need to know in order to play your lucky numbers. Moreover, you can check out different astrological Web sites that will sometimes give you the moon's position.

Astrology and Numerology are fairly common practices, but in the next section we will dive a little deeper into the unknown. Read on to learn about lucky charms, superstitions, and prayer.