How RoboRally Works

RoboRally Rules and Instructions

When first setting up, pick a course from the factory floorboards. Check the rulebook; it has setups for easy, intermediate and expert courses. It'll also show you how to position the Docking Bay and flags. You'll get a robot, a Program Sheet and an Archive marker for play, along with three Life Tokens that go on your Program Sheet. (Damage and Power Down tokens can go next to the board.) Shuffle both Options and Program cards and then randomly decide the order of play. Whoever goes first puts their robot and Archive marker in Dock 1 and so on.

Deal the program cards; each player starts with nine. (A player will be dealt a card fewer for each damage point accumulated as the game continues.) Choose five cards you'll use to move your robot and put them face down on your Program Sheet (in spaces called "registers") in the order you want them executed. Call "done," and your cards are locked in. When all the players are finished, everyone will reveal their cards at the same time and start moving. While play proceeds simultaneously, you might find yourself conflicting with another robot. To figure out who moves first, check the Priority Number at the top of the card in question; the highest number goes first.

Now, this factory is filled with obstacles. Move them in this order: Shift Express (two-arrow) conveyor belts one space. Next, move the Express conveyer another space and the normal conveyer (one-arrow) one space. Active pushers then shove the robot into adjacent squares, and lastly, gears turn the robot 90 degrees.

You also need to watch out for bottomless pits -- try to avoid falling (or being pushed) into them. If your robot ends up on a laser tile, you get one Damage token per laser. (Only the robot closest to the source of the laser takes the hit, and you don't get penalized for moving through a laser). Robots have lasers, too, so any robot that's directly in the line of sight of another (with no obstacle or robot in between) automatically gets a Damage token.

If you made it this far and touched the flag, congrats! Put your Archive token on the flag; you'll reenter here if you're destroyed between this spot and the next flag.

After completing all five "register phases," it's time to assess the damage. If you're on a single-wrench space, get rid of one Damage token. If you're on a crossed wrench/hammer space, discard a Damage token and take an Option card. Read it aloud and keep it with you, face up.

And that completes one turn!