How RoboRally Works

RoboRally Boards and Pieces

So what does it take to get a robot to move around here? Turns out, quite a bit. Let's briefly go over the different components of the game so we're not left wandering aimless around the factory floor:

  • 8 robots: These funny-shaped little pals are your game pieces, and they have cheeky names like Twonky, Twitch, Zoom Bot and Hammer Bot. The front of the robot comes to a point so you know where you're heading.
  • 4 two-sided Factory Floor Boards: As opposed to one big board, these boards can be arranged to present different floor plans each time.
  • 1 Docking Bay: This is used as the starting line for your robot race.
  • 8 Program Sheets: Each sheet has a robot description and places to put tokens.
  • 2 Factory Floor Guides: Keep this handy! It tells you how the different obstacles and "moving" parts of the board work so you'll know how your robot should use (or avoid) them.
  • Sand Timer: In past versions, there was no time limit on "programming" (or getting your five cards in the order you want them). That meant really long games. Now, after the second-to-last player is done programming, the sand timer is flipped, leaving the last player only 30 seconds to finish. If that person's still not done? The other players will choose from face-down cards to give the slowpoke a random program.
  • 84 Program Cards: You'll use these to design a movement pattern for your robot. They have directions on them like "Back Up," "Rotate Left," Move 1" and "U-Turn."
  • 26 Option Cards: These provide nifty upgrades you can collect during the game: Extra Memory, Crab Legs, Tractor Beam and Ramming Gear, etc.
  • 8 Power Down Tokens: Use these to skip a turn and get rid of all Damage.
  • 60 Damage Tokens: You'll get these suckers if you're hit by a laser. They affect how many program cards you receive.
  • 40 Life Tokens: Each player gets three Life tokens; if you destroy three robots, you're out of the game.
  • 8 Flags: Placed on the course, these are the "checkpoints" each robot must touch.
  • 8 Archive Tokens: These mark the last repair site or flag your robot touched.

That enough for you? Well, there's also the 10-page rulebook and a 23-page set of course manuals to choose from.