How Khet Works

Author's Note: How Khet Works

A few weeks ago, I learned to play Senet, a board game that originated in Egypt around 3,000 B.C. Although Senet is interesting for its historical value, I think Khet is a lot more fun. You just can't go wrong with lasers that shoot from a sphinx. Plus, Khet is delightfully easy to take up. Like chess, it offers the challenge of balancing offensive and defensive moves. Unlike chess, this challenge occurs in a microcosm.

I once spent a weeklong houseboat vacation learning to play chess. Being moored -- and bored -- offshore still didn't afford me the time to fully master it. I had to keep a cheat-sheet handy, no matter how many times I played the game. In contrast, Khet's simplicity is part of the appeal. It's like eating hors d'oeuvres for dinner instead of meat and potatoes -- and sometimes that suits me just fine.

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