How Dingbats Works

Author's Note

I downloaded "Dingbats" for iPhone and began playing. It seemed, however, quite like a simplified version of "Wheel of Fortune" (fill in the blank and guess the phrase). As I dug into the assignment, I realized I'd been playing the wrong game. The Dingbats game I was assigned to research had a rights-reserved symbol after its name -- and was an entirely different game. Suddenly it all began to more sense, and I felt a bit like a dingbat myself.

One thing I like about Seller's Dingbats game is that it's easy to jump in and start playing. I opted for the iPhone version (which I realized I could also play on my iPad) and in just a couple of minutes was flipping virtual cards and typing answers. Although I tried not to use the help of the in-app hint 'bot -- Ding King -- sometimes I simply couldn't come up with an answer. No wonder the game's tagline is "the wordplay game that will drive you crazy."

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