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Celebrity Wordplay: Boggle in Pop Culture

Way back in 1997, in the very first season of Fox's popular, though now discontinued, TV show "King of The Hill," one episode revolved around Boggle. In it, Peggy, the wife of lead character Hank Hill, heads to Dallas to play in the Texas State Boggle Championship as the representative of their town, Arlen. While in the Big D, Hank ditches his duties as Peggy's coach in order to check out the Dallas Mower Expo [source:]. Peggy ends up winning the tournament anyway and becoming Texas State Champion.

It's one thing to have a fictional character be a big fan of Boggle, but there are also a host of real, flesh and blood celebrities who have expressed their fondness for the game, too. For example, Claire Danes and her actor husband Hugh Dancy met on the set of the movie "Evening," and reportedly struck up a friendship and romance while playing Boggle and Scrabble while on set [source:].

Other celeb Boggle enthusiasts include talk show host/comedian Ellen DeGeneres and celebrity chef Rachael Ray. Boggle once again got a turn in the spotlight with its inclusion in February 2012's "This Means War," starring Reese Witherspoon, who has also expressed her real life affection for the game [source: Trani].

Of course, as the experience of former Boggle champ Karis Tompkins showed, you don't have to be famous to get the best out of Boggle. All you need is 3 minutes, some focus and a touch of word-nerdiness to get you on your way.

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