Top 5 Unforgettable Memory Games


Visual Memory

While not all of us are artists, we all use complicated visual and locational memory in our daily lives. Kid games like "spot the difference" pictures bring this skill to the forefront. We're using the visual cortex to scout and remember facts about a visual object that we can later recall. Of course, artists of all kinds use this kind of memory -- even dancers and other physical performers -- because it's essential to most art that we be able to visualize our subject.

Because these skills are so important, we use a lot of games to teach children this kind of visual memorization. The game that starts with "I spy ..." is one example, and visual and object memory are a huge part of many parlor games, reaching back to Victorian times. In recent years, the popularity of the "Elf on the Shelf" book (and the elf-on-the-move game that goes with it) has given families the opportunity to bring a little memory game fun to the house at Christmas time.