10 Scrabble Strategy Tips


Bingo with Seven-letter Words

Even if you didn't excel at school spelling bee competitions, you can still become a Scrabble champ. All it requires is making a few strategic moves -- and knowing a few seven-letter words. In Scrabble, playing a seven-letter word (which uses all the tiles in your rack), is known as a bingo, and will net 50 bonus points.

You can fuel your bingo aspirations by reading the dictionary for fun, and by paying special attention to especially sneaky seven-letter words -- you know, the ones that start with Qs, Js, and Zs. You can find seven-letter word lists compiled by other Scrabble experts and published on the Internet, too. The Australian Scrabble Players Association has an extensive online word list collection, as does Word Buff.

If your rack is filled with tiles that almost spell a seven-letter word -- except for one oddball tile -- play that oddball during your next turn (knowing lots of two-letter words will help here). It probably won't score big, but you could gain a replacement tile that will complete your seven-letter word [source: Meyers].