10 Scrabble Strategy Tips


Score Big with Little Words

In Scrabble, one plus one doesn't always equal two. Especially if you employ a strategy in which you create words that work together. First, check out the words that are already down on the board. Then, see if you can create a new word that will intersect with an existing word (or words) at multiple points. You'll score points for your new word and for each two-letter word formed by conjoining letters.

Two-letter words are also great for playing after your opponent opens up a double- or triple-score space. Not only will you score bigger, you'll block your opponent from building there, too.

To make two-letter words work for you, beef up your vocabulary so you can play beyond "go," "do" and "to." Words like "qi," "jo," "za" and "qat" are real words that can help you score big -- and use up an inopportune Q [source: Holgate].