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Eight is Enough

At eight children, Kate says the Gosselin family is complete.
At eight children, Kate says the Gosselin family is complete.
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"My roughest day now doesn't compare to what we went through in those early months," Kate reflects, but if having eight infants was incredibly daunting, an octet of rambunctious, verbal children poses a new set of challenges for the Gosselins. "It doesn't get easier as they get older," she confirms. "It's just different. Now they can talk back to us. We have a whole bunch of talking, running-around kids with opinions so it's getting scary."

That apprehension increases when she contemplates their teen years: the image of a houseful of 13-year-olds is "too painful to think about." Nevertheless, she's even more concerned about the kids leaving home some day. "I'm already worried about that empty-nest syndrome," she says.

That doesn't mean she expects to be expecting again. "I can honestly say, unless God has other plans, I will never have more kids!" she declares, though she looks forward to being a grandmother. "I have very vivid dreams of our family in the future -- a house full of love, laughter, and lots of grandkids to spoil!"

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