How to Play Good Neighbors

Pay attention to this catchy little solitaire card game, also known as Monte Carlo or Weddings. It may look innocent enough, but some skill is required since you've got many choices in the play. Here's how to play:

Object: To pair off and remove all the cards in the pack.


The cards: A regular 52-card deck is used.

The layout: Deal four rows across of five cards each, face up.

To play: Remove any pair of cards of the same rank that are vertical, diagonal, or horizontal neighbors.

Fill the spaces left by pairs taken by moving the remaining layout cards to the left, and then up and over to the end of the row above. Fill in the spaces that remain at the end of the layout with new cards from the pack. Then start looking for more "good neighbors."

Continue removing pairs until the whole pack is taken. If at any turn the layout has no matches, the game is lost.

Tip: When dealing with a choice of plays, consider the various outcomes.

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