How to Play Canfield

Canfield is a solitaire card game named after the owner of a celebrated gaming house in the old-time resort town of Sarasota Springs, N.Y. Here's how to play:

Object: On foundation cards, build an ascending sequence for each of the four suits. You may build your sequences "round-the-corner"; that is, the ace can follow the king and the two can follow the ace. Essentially, you have to stack the four suits in ascending order.


The cards: Standard 52-card deck

Dealing to the tableau: Shuffle the cards. Deal out 13 cards, facedown, in a neat stack to make your stock. Put the stock to the left side of the table, and turn the top card faceup. The stock must always be squared up.

From the rest of the deck, take the top card and place it faceup on the table. It is the first foundation card, and it sets the starting card for all other suits. As other cards of the same rank become available, add them to this row. For example, if you draw a 3, you will need to find 3, 3, and 3 to begin building these suits and your sequence would be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2.

Right below the row where all your foundation cards will sit, lay out four cards faceup to create the tableau. You will make plays from the rest of the cards in the deck, either placing them on the foundation cards or building on the tableau (see below).

Building: You may add to the foundation row from the deck, the stock, the tableau, or the discard pile.

The tableau cards are used to build descending sequences that alternate by color. For example, an 8 has to be played on a 9 or 9. The descending sequences also use the round-the-corner rule. You may not have an empty space in the tableau, and an empty spot must be filled from the stock until the stock runs out. Then you can use cards from the deck. You may play the top stock card on a foundation pile or on the tableau. You may also pick up an entire tableau sequence and add to another sequence in order to make an empty space. The entire unit must move together.

Playing: From the deck, turn up cards in groups of three. The top card of each group is always available to play. If you play it, the card underneath is available. Unused cards are put in a discard pile faceup. The top card of the discards is always available for play. After you run through the deck, turn the discard pile facedown, pick it up, and run through the deck again. The game continues until you've built all the foundations or you can't make any plays with the cards available to you.

Variation: A slight variant called Storehouse makes things a little easier for you. Always remove the four deuces in advance and use them as the foundation-row base cards. Then build on each deuce upward in suit to ace.

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