How to Get Super Bowl Tickets

Average Super Bowl Ticket Prices

It should be clear at this point that getting tickets at their face value is incredibly difficult. While the NFL has done its best to keep the prices low, especially during rough economic times, the affect on secondhand prices is negligible.

There are essentially two means of getting secondhand tickets: on the Internet or in person from scalpers. Scalping is illegal in some states, so depending on where the Super Bowl is being held, you'll want to make sure you're operating within the bounds of the law. You'll likely see the most fluctuation in price with scalpers because they can change their ticket prices on a whim depending on which teams are playing, the face value of the tickets and even the weather. Before approaching a scalper, be sure you've done your research about the face value, what the tickets look like, seating locations and legal rights.

In 2008 the average price of Super Bowl tickets sold online at StubHub was $3,536. The price dipped in 2009, averaging $2,790 [source: Rovell]. Recently, online outlets have removed much of the need for traditional scalpers. Individuals who've been awarded tickets and can't or don't want to attend can sell their tickets through specialized Web sites. Many of these businesses and individuals operate on a commission in which the seller and the Web site each take a cut. Others, like Ticketmaster, also add fees.

Reputable online businesses are often backed by a guarantee, giving them an instant advantage over scalpers. Even so, it's best to research the guarantee of ticket authenticity as well as refund eligibility before spending your money. Many cities also have brokers with storefront locations, where you can deal directly with a licensed broker [source: Passy].

You'll also want to factor in a few additional costs associated with going to the game. If you're not from the area, you'll need to get a hotel, and if you're driving to the game, you'll need to consider the price of parking. You can expect both of these costs will be higher than you'd pay for a regular season game.

Yes, it's difficult to get tickets to the big game, but certainly not impossible. You can find lots more information about the Super Bowl and sport of football on the next page.

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