Inside 'Heroes'

Great Expectations

Niki (Ali Larter) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) have a showdown in the final episode of season one.
Niki (Ali Larter) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) have a showdown in the final episode of season one.
NBC Photo: Trae Patton

Tim Kring, previously best known for creating the series "Crossing Jordan," says he had wanted to write a show like "Heroes" for years, but serialized dramas with large ensemble casts didn't usually rerun or syndicate well. "But with the advent of shows that did well and DVD sales, it became more attractive to the networks," he says.

The "Heroes" premiere in September 2006 drew 14.3 million viewers and was the highest-rated NBC drama debut in five years. After the blockbuster first season and all the hype and Emmy nominations, it would certainly be understandable if the "Heroes" cast were nervous about the new season. They've certainly heard of the sophomore slump, right? But according to the actors, there's not a worry in sight on the Hollywood set.

  • "The pressures of the second season are real, but judging by the scripts and the shows we've done so far, it feels very confident and sure-footed." -- Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet, aka HRG)
  • "Because we've kept up the quality, it keeps getting better and better." -- Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman)
  • "I hope that the show keeps taking risks. Risks don't always work, but that's what will keep it fresh. [This season is] on a grander scale -- everything feels a little bigger. Now we have to hold onto the integrity of what made it so special." -- Ali Larter (Niki Sanders)
  • "Heroes goes so much beyond being a comic book or sci-fi show because it's about relationships and characters and plots. I think that's why there's so many people who love this show and relate to it." -- James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi)
  • "There's always going to be pressure, whether you're going into the second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth season. ... There's that sophomore curse that everyone talks about, but you can't worry about it." -- Milo Ventimiglia, whose Peter Petrelli ostensibly incinerated in the season finale. (Note: Ventimiglia is on the cast list for the season two premiere.)