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Parallel Plot: "Bruce & Lloyd" DVD

Masi Oka and Nate Torrence as Bruce and Lloyd
Masi Oka and Nate Torrence as Bruce and Lloyd
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In the world of cinematic spy ware, gizmo master Q is to James Bond what Bruce and Lloyd are to Maxwell Smart, but as you might expect, their espionage inventions don't always work as intended. The pair, played by Masi Oka of "Heroes" and Nate Torrence, are supporting characters in "Get Smart," but they're front and center in a spin-off called "Bruce & Lloyd: Out of CONTROL," which will be released direct to DVD and BluRay July 1.

In a separate but parallel story, the gadget guys have developed something called OCT-Optical Camouflage Technology -- but it's stolen and they have to get it back before it falls into the hands of KAOS.

Oka enjoyed working with the gadgets in both films, with the exception of the OCT device -- a sort of blanket. "It was very smelly -- it smelled like fish sticks," he recalls. "It was various materials put together, and I guess the chemical combination of the fabrics smells like fish. We were breathing that in every day and it was awful!"

Other items in the "Bruce & Lloyd" gizmo arsenal include a tickle taser, "an anti-follicular device, which makes people's hair fall out, and a sound compression ball," outlines Oka. "You shoot a pea-sized bullet at someone and it creates a big sound wave, and the sound is Kiss' greatest hits. All of our gadgets are non-lethal. It's not about killing people."

Perhaps fittingly for a "Get Smart" movie, the props occasionally malfunctioned. With the Swiss Army knife, "The flamethrower attachment came off and we had to glue it together for the last few takes," Oka remembers. "I had to make sure I didn't break anything."

As for the "Get Smart" feature DVD, director Segal promises that it "will be packed with stuff that is hilarious because we couldn't fit it all in." Thanks to different scripted takes and ad libbing by Carell and other actors, "For almost every joke there were 10 alternate versions. There were several that worked; we just chose our favorite. So it will be fun to see all the different versions that didn't make it."


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