Inside 'Get Smart'

Filming "Get Smart"

Steve Carell flies in one of the classic sports cars driven in the movie.
Steve Carell flies in one of the classic sports cars driven in the movie.
Photo courtesy Tracy Bennett/Warner Bros. Pictures

Filming of "Get Smart" took place in Los Angeles, Montreal, Moscow's Red Square and several locations around Washington D.C. -- all in a single day. "Washington DC is the hardest place to shoot, even harder than Red Square," says Segal.

"Even though we had permits the Department of Parks and Recreation has jurisdiction over the Washington Mall. We have a shot of Steve walking along the Mall, and suddenly, they wanted us out in eight minutes. Our producer smooth-talked them into giving us an extra four and a half minutes." The clock was also ticking at the Smithsonian, which originally declined the request but ultimately granted Segal 10 minutes to get a shot of Carell crossing through the rotunda.

Moscow presented a different problem. "I'd been told it's a tricky place to shoot and just because it costs X on paper, doesn't mean that's what you'll be spending," explains Segal. "We flew there to scout, and it was closed for a military rally. We weren't allowed in so we had to shake hands, with a little cash."

The climactic chase involving cars, a train and an airplane runs about five minutes in the movie but it took six weeks to film in the San Pedro section of Los Angeles. "The weather changes constantly, from fog to sun, and you have to make it look like one scene. It's very difficult," Segal points out. "But it was a blast to shoot."

In other scenes, fans of the original "Get Smart" will recognize several sports cars identical to the ones driven in the series: a blue Karmann Ghia, a gold Opel GT and a red Sunbeam Tiger.

And to make things even more complicated, there's a parallel story they filmed that will be rele­ased this summer. Find out more about Bruce and Lloyd's story in the next section.