How Fencing Equipment Works


A sabre is the modern version of a cavalry sword and is similar to a foil in length and weight. It is a point weapon and a slashing or cutting weapon; therefore, the side of the blade can make a valid hit. The target area for a sabre is the everything above the waist including the head and arms. Because the hand and arms are valid targets for a slash, the bell guard of the sabre is also curved downward in front to protect the fingers. Sabre is also a right-of-way weapon. Electric scoring has been a recent innovation in sabre fencing. For electric scoring, a fencer must have a lamè that covers the torso and arms, a special metal mask, a metal overglove for the weapon hand, a body cord, and an electric sabre.

Like foil, the electric sabre system is a closed circuit that opens when a touch or slash is landed. In an electric sabre, the blade is hot (B,C) and the target lamè has the A connection. The bell guard and strip are grounded. When blade touches something, the same situations occur as described above for foil, except that off-target hits do not register on the machine and, therefore, do not stop the action. As in foil, no points are awarded for simultaneous valid touches.