How Fencing Equipment Works


Epee is the modern version of the dueling sword; it is similar to a foil, but it has a stiffer blade, has a larger bell guard, and is heavier (about 1.75 lb, or .79 kg). Like foil, epee is a point weapon, but the entire body is a valid target. There is no right of way in epee. For electric scoring, a fencer needs an electric epee and a body cord. The electric epee also has a button and three wires (A, B, C).

For epee, there is an open circuit set up by the system, which is closed when a touch is landed. The B wire of the epee is hot, the A wire is the return current, and the C wire of epee is grounded, along with the bell guard and piste. If the epee touches the piste or the opponent's bell guard (B touches C), nothing happens. When a touch is landed (B touches A), the circuit is closed, a buzzer goes off, and a colored light lights up. There are no off-target hits in epee, so a point would be awarded. Also, fencers can score simultaneous touches in epee.