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Follow That Dream

In Follow That Dream, a deviation from his usual musical comedy character, Elvis Presley was Toby Kwimper, a L’il Abner-type in a family of bumbling rural Southerners. The Kwimpers, consisting of Pop, Toby, and several adopted orphans, claim squatter’s rights along an unopened stretch of highway and open a small business renting fishing equipment. Gamblers attempt to take advantage of the Kwimpers’ trusting nature. Eventually, Toby routs the hoods.

In the meantime, beautiful social worker Alicia Claypoole, played by Joanna Moore, investigates the Kwimpers’ situation to determine if the children are receiving proper care. Alicia’s attention to Toby angers Holly Jones, played by Anne Helm, who has been in love with the handsome young man since childhood. After Toby declines the social worker’s amorous advances, Alicia attempts to take the children away from Pop Kwimper. Toby and Pop plead their case in a comic courtroom scene, and the judge decides in their favor.

Behind the Scenes of Follow That Dream

Follow That Dream was filmed in sunny Florida, marking one of the few times a Presley feature was shot entirely on location. The head of the Florida Development Commission was pleased to have the film shot in his state, declaring, "This movie will sell Florida around the world."

Shooting on actual Florida beaches added a touch of authenticity to the movie, but location filming did give the producers minor headaches. The temperature soared passed 100 degrees one week, making it difficult on the cast, crew, and equipment. Elvis had to change his shirt 22 times in one day because he was perspiring so heavily. Another problem involved difficulties obtaining gambling equipment for a couple of scenes, because all gambling was illegal in Florida in 1961. One day, a local politician and a couple of anonymous gamblers just showed up on the set with the necessary equipment. No questions were asked.

Cast of Follow That Dream
Toby KwimperElvis Presley
Pop KwimperArthur O'Connell
Holly Jones
Anne Helm
Alicia Claypoole
Joanna Moore
Jack Kruschen
Simon Oakland
Judge Wardman
Roland Winters
H. Arthur King
Alan Hewitt
George Binkley
Howard McNear
Frank de Kova
Mr. Endicott
Herbert Rudley
Eddy Bascombe
Gavin Koon
Teddy Bascombe
Robert Koon
Robert Carricart
John Duke
Harry Holcombe
Bank Guard
Red West

Songs Featured in Follow That Dream

  • What a Wonderful Life
  • I’m Not the Marrying Kind
  • Sound Advice
  • On Top of Old Smokey
  • Follow That Dream
  • Angel

Credits for Follow That Dream

  • United Artists
  • Produced by David Weisbart
  • Directed by Gordon Douglas
  • Screenplay by Charles Lederer
  • Based on the novel Pioneer, Go Home by Richard Powell
  • Photographed in DeLuxe Color and Panavision by Leo Tover
  • Music by Hans J. Salter
  • Released May 23, 1962

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