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Elvis in Clambake
Clambake was originally titled
Too Big for Texas.

In Clambake, a "Prince and the Pauper" tale with a contemporary twist, Elvis Presley portrays Scott Heyward, the son of a Texas oil baron. While in Miami, Scott meets penniless Tom Wilson, played by Will Hutchins, at a local snack bar. Determined to make it without using his wealthy father’s name, Scott persuades Tom to switch identities with him. Scott takes over as the new water-ski instructor at a swank hotel, while Tom lives it up masquerading as the son of a millionaire.

Bill Bixby costars as James J. Jamison III, a wealthy playboy who has won the Orange Bowl International Power Boat Regatta for three straight years. Scott sets out to defeat Jamison in the upcoming Regatta by teaming up with a local speedboat designer. The rivalry between Scott and Jamison is heightened by their mutual interest in beautiful Dianne Carter, played by Shelley Fabares, who claims to prefer Jamison because of his money. Scott reveals his true identity only after he wins the Regatta and the affections of Dianne.

Behind the Scenes of Clambake

Clambake was plagued by misfortune and chaos even before shooting started, and much of it was due to Elvis’ total disinterest in doing the film. Depressed at being forced to make another zany musical comedy, Elvis experienced a major weight gain. United Artists demanded he take off the extra poundage. On the first day of scheduled shooting, Elvis slipped on his bathroom floor and hit his head.

After a private conference with the Colonel, the doctor declared that Elvis had suffered a concussion and could not work. Shooting was delayed for more than two weeks. Bored with his films, Elvis and the Memphis Mafia resorted to crazier and crazier antics with each production. By the time Clambake rolled around, the group seemed out of control. Pie-throwings, firecracker fights, and water bombardments on the set were a common occurrence. MGM sent down a memo just before the shooting of the next Presley film, Stay Away, Joe, warning the group about their behavior.

Cast of Clambake
Scott HeywardElvis Presley
Dianne CarterShelley Fabares
Tom WilsonWill Hutchins
James J. Jamison IIIBill Bixby
Duster HeywardJames Gregory
Sam Burton Gary Merrill
EllieAmanda Harley
SallySuzie Kaye
GloriaAngelique Pettyjohn
GigiOlga Kaya
OliveArlene Charles
Mr. HathawayJack Good
Hal, the DoormanHal Peary
Race AnnouncerSam Riddle
LisaLisa Slagle
BartenderLee Krieger
Ice Cream VendorRed West
Mr. Heyward’s BarberCharlie Hodge
BitJoe Esposito
BitFrancis Humphrey Howard

Songs Featured in Clambake

  • Clambake
  • Who Needs Money
  • A House That Has Everything
  • Confidence
  • You Don’t Know Me
  • Hey, Hey, Hey
  • The Girl I Never Loved

Credits for Clambake

  • United Artists
  • Produced by Arnold Laven, Arthur Gardner, and Jules Levy
  • Directed by Arthur H. Nadel
  • Screenplay by Arthur Browne, Jr.
  • Photographed in Technicolor and Techniscope by William Margulies
  • Music by Jeff Alexander
  • Vocal accompaniment by The Jordanaires
  • Released November 22, 1967

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