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Double Trouble

Taking advantage of the latest craze for discotheque dancing and the popularity of spy movies during the mid-1960s, the producers of Double Trouble combined the two fads to form the basic plot of this mediocre Elvis Presley musical. Elvis walks through the role of Guy Lambert, a pop singer who becomes involved with intrigue while playing the discotheque scene in London and Antwerp.

Guy’s problems begin when he meets heiress Jill Conway, played by young Annette Day, who has a crush on the singer -- much to the chagrin of her guardian. Jill leads Guy through numerous adventures involving spies, counterspies, jewel thieves, and harebrained detectives. The latter, played by the zany Wiere Brothers, provide the film’s comic relief. Eventually, Jill succeeds in casting her spell over Guy, and the two marry.

Elvis in Double Trouble
Elvis’s costar, young Annette Day, was still a teenager at the time of production.

Behind the Scenes of Double Trouble

One of the youngest actresses to ever costar with Elvis, English ingenue Annette Day was just 18 years old when she acted in Double Trouble. Day was discovered in typical Hollywood fashion. Producer Judd Bernard was shopping in an antique store on London’s famed Portobello Road when he caught a glimpse of the red-haired teenager. The shop belonged to Day’s mother, and Day was working behind the counter that day.

Months later, when Bernard was casting for the film, he remembered the perky girl and called on her to ask the fateful question, "Do you want to be an actress?" After a script reading in London and some meetings with MGM executives, Day did a screen test in Hollywood, which satisfied the producers enough to cast her opposite Elvis. Her only prior acting experience had consisted of doing the Charleston in a Christmas concert at school. Elvis did take an interest in Day during filming, though not in the romantic sense. He surprised her near the end of shooting with a white Mustang as a remembrance of her first film experience.

Cast of Double Trouble
Guy Lambert
Elvis Presley
Jill Conway
Annette Day
Gerald Waverly
John Williams
Claire Dunham
Yvonne Romain
Harry, a Belgian Detective
Harry Wiere
Herbert, a Belgian Detective
Herbert Wiere
Sylvester, a Belgian Detective
Sylvester Wiere
Archie Brown
Chips Rafferty
Arthur Babcock
Norman Rossington
Monty Landis
Michael Murphy
Inspector De Groot
Leon Askin
John Alderson
Captain Roach
Stanley Adams
Maurice Marsac
Walter Burke
Twins at London Nightclub
Marilyn and Melody Keymer
George Klein

Songs Featured in Double Trouble

  • Double Trouble
  • Baby, If You’ll Give Me All Your Love
  • Could I Fall in Love
  • Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress On)
  • City by Night
  • Old MacDonald
  • I Love Only One Girl
  • There Is So Much of the World to See

Credits for Double Trouble

  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Produced by Judd Bernard and Irwin Winkler
  • Directed by Norman Taurog
  • Screenplay by Jo Heims
  • Based on a story by Marc Brandel
  • Photographed in Metrocolor and Panavision by Daniel L. Fapp
  • Music by Jeff Alexander
  • Released April 5, 1967

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