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Kid Galahad

Elvis in Kid Galahad
To prepare for his role, Elvis trained
with former junior welterweight
champion Mushy Callahan.

A remake of the 1937 drama of the same title starring Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart, Kid Galahad features Elvis Presley as boxer Walter Gulick. Though not a great boxer, Walter has a powerful right hook and can take a lot of punches. Gig Young costars as Willy Grogan, a down-and-out gambler who owns the training camp where Walter spars with other boxers. Willy decides to groom Walter to be a professional boxer, hoping to make enough money to pay off his gambling debts to gangster Otto Danzig, chillingly portrayed by character actor David Lewis.

Willy’s relationship with Walter changes when Walter fails in love with Willy’s sister, Rose, played by Joan Blackman, Elvis’s costar from Blue Hawaii. Willy does not want Rose to be involved with Walter, so he allows Walter to be overmatched for his next fight by a superior boxer. Just before the big fight, Willy realizes that he has compromised his moral integrity. He and Walter rid themselves of Danzig and his shady dealings, while Walter goes on to win the match.

Behind the Scenes of Kid Galahad

For his role as boxer Walter Gulick, Elvis eagerly began training before the start of production. He prepared for his boxing scenes as a real fighter might prepare for a fight. He did road work, went on a strict protein diet, punched bags, sparred for hours with professionals, and lost 12 pounds in the process.

Coaching the young singer was Mushy Callahan, the junior welterweight champion from 1926 to 1930. Callahan had been plying his skills around Hollywood for some time, having coached actors Kirk Douglas, Errol Flynn, and others in boxing-related films. Callahan was always conscious of training an actor so that his boxing skills suited the character. Callahan praised Elvis for his natural athletic skills -- at least in the publicity for the film. "He’s got a good physique and excellent coordination," the old pro revealed in an interview. "He never boxed before but he picked it up quick because of his karate training."

Cast of Kid Galahad
Walter GulickElvis Presley
Willy GroganGig Young
Dolly Fletcher
Lola Albright
Rose Grogan
Joan Blackman
Lew NyackCharles Branson
Mr. LiebermanNed Glass
Mr. Maynard
Robert Emhardt
Otto DanzigDavid Lewis
Joie ShakesMichael Dante
Mr. Zimmerman
Judson Pratt
Mr. Sperling
George Mitchell
Richard Devon
Jeffrey Morris
Father Higgins
Liam Redmond
Jerry the Promoter
Roy Roberts
Peter J. Prohosko
Ralph Moody
Ramon "Sugarboy" Romero
Orlando de la Fuente
Romero's Manager
Frank Gerstle
Frank Gerson
Ed Asner
Fight Announcer
Jimmy Lennon
Sonny West

Songs Featured in Kid Galahad

  • King of the Whole Wide World
  • This Is Living
  • Riding the Rainbow
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is
  • I Got Lucky
  • A Whistling Tune

Credits for Kid Galahad

  • United Artists
  • Produced by David Weisbart
  • Directed by Phil Karlson
  • Screenplay by William Fay
  • Based on a story by Francis Wallace
  • Photographed in DeLuxe Color by Burnett Guffey
  • Music by Jeff Alexander
  • Released August 29, 1962

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