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Reconsider Baby

Throughout his career, Elvis Presley recorded occasional blues songs or tunes that were at least reminiscent of the blues. Even during the 1960s when his music had the homogenous pop style typified by his soundtrack recordings, he managed to record "I Feel So Bad" and "Hi-Heel Sneakers." Released in 1985, Reconsider Baby offers a selection of the bluesier sounds Elvis recorded between 1955 and 1971, reminding us that the roots of his personal sound, even at its most mainstream, came from the indigenous musical styles of the South -- in this case blues and rhythm and blues.

The songs featured on Reconsider Baby reflect the bluesy, soulful edge of Elvis Presley's eclectic music.
The songs featured on Reconsider Baby reflect the bluesy,
soulful edge of Elvis Presley's eclectic music.

Some of the songs on this album are not the versions that were originally released, which adds a freshness to the collection. The version of "One Night" included here, for example, was an alternate take, and it features the original lyrics as sung by Smiley Lewis ("One night of sin..."). "Ain't That Loving You Baby" was also an alternate take, while "Merry Christmas Baby" was an alternate edit, and "Stranger in My Own Home Town" represented an alternate mix. The 1955 original Sun recording of "Tomorrow Night" is the version included here.

In 1960, Elvis recorded the insipid lullaby "Big Boots" for G.I. Blues but he also recorded Lowell Fulson's nasty "Reconsider Baby," accompanied by Boots Randolph's sexy-sounding sax. In 1966, he released "Yoga Is as Yoga Does," but he also cut a raw-sounding "Down in the Alley." Elvis' critics and detractors often quote John Lenon, who once quipped, "Elvis died when he went into the army." Reconsider Baby proves that there was a still an edge to Elvis' music long after he returned from the army.

Another compilation, The Top Ten Hits, gathers together the most-loved of Elvis Presley's musical collection. To read more about The Top Ten Hits, see the next section.

Reconsider Baby

  • "Reconsider Baby"
  • "Tomorrow Night"
  • "So Glad You're Mine”
  • "One Night"
  • "When It Rains, It Really Pours"
  • "My Baby Left Me"
  • "Ain't That Loving You Baby"
  • "I Feel So Bad"
  • "Down in the Alley"
  • "Hi-Heel Sneakers"
  • "Stranger In My Own Home Town"
  • "Merry Christmas Baby"

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